Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I worked at a local convenient store at the time and we got a lot of local state troopers, and ladies if you are anything like me the sight of a man in uniform gets your juices wwf lita in hot lesbian action Now, gentlemen, if you work a job requiring a "power" uniform ie. Military, Police, Firemen you know that they are chick magnets if your a good looking guy who knows how to carry himself.

We had 2 that came in often but there was only one I was interested in. He was clean cut. A 6'1" lean, mean man machine with spiked, blonde hair and bulges in all the right places if you know what I mean. Now typically I am a woman who prefers men with dark features but this guy was oozing sexuality and I wanted some of that! So I set my plan in motion, now all I needed was opportunity.

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My heart leapt into my throat and my stomach was doing cartwheels.

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"Oh, nothing much. My father is on vacation in Virginia."

"Really." he said. After a slight hesitation he continued. "I'm going to be in that area tonight."

I thought then replied. "Why don't you come over. I might need some police protection."

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I came and I came hard thrusting my hips in complete and utter orgasmic pleasure. My body started to jerk uncontrollably as lesbian fuck my orgasm started to subside. I relaxed as he licked my slit one more time before kissing his way back up my body to my lips. Our tongues were dualing while I felt his hand slide down between our bodies to grab his dick. I felt the tip against the lips and it was so hard and hot I almost came again. He rubbed it against my clit and slid it down to enter me. I was so wet he slid half of it in before my he found any resistance. I've never been filled so completely and he was only half way inside non-nude gay lesbian spain He pulled out slightly before pushing in again. He did this a couple more times until he was finally in me up to his balls.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I said after giving myself time to get use to his girth.

and I could tell he was going to come soon because he was quick stroking me now.

"Ahhhh! Oh! Yes! I want you to cum in my cunt! Fill me up!"

That accountant lesbian all he needed.

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He thrust all the way in and I felt him pulse as he started filling me with his seed. I came again as he thrust each spurt into me, filling me so full I could feel it leaking out central california lesbian chat around his cock, dripping down the crack of my ass to the lesbian fuck floor. He pumped one last time for good measure before I felt all his weight crush me.

After we took some time to recover he got up and made himself official again, tub lesbian me a kiss and a wink before heading out the door.